ESS Industrial: Plastic and Rubber Equipment inventory

Plastic and Rubber Equipment

Injection Molding


Bruckner 60" Dual Shaft Winder Spooler Take Up Automatic Tension Control

Stock#: 7514   Mfg: Bruckner   Model:


BB Engineering 37 KW Extruder BD-PET-060/30D

Stock#: 7521   Mfg: BB Engineering   Model: BD-PET-060/30D

   Injection Molding

Battenfeld 200 Ton Injection Molder BSKM 630/212B

Stock#: 7523   Mfg: Battenfeld   Model: BSKM 630/212B

Cincinnati Milacron RHB-L Blow Mold Machine

Stock#: 7576   Mfg: Cincinnati Milacron   Model: RHB-L

Sumitomo 286 Ton Injection Molding Machine SG260M-S

Stock#: 7455   Mfg: Sumitomo   Model: SG260M-S

Sumitomo 125 Ton Injection Molding Machine SG125M-S

Stock#: 7454   Mfg: Sumitomo   Model: SG125M-S


ESS Industrial: Plastic and Rubber Equipment inventory
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